Below are resources to place your website into many of the most popular search engines.

You can add your web site directly to these popular search engines by following each of the links below and following their instructions.


<> AOL Search

<> AltaVista

<> Direct Hit

<> Excite

<> FAST Search

<> Go / Infoseek

<> GoTo

<> HotBot


<> Lycos

<> Open Directory

<> WebCrawler

<> Yahoo

There are many services on the internet that will submit your Web site to hundred's of search engines. This is a very efficient way to get your site listed in the search engines fast. However, I still recommend submitting to the major search engines (see above) directly. The bulk submission approach does not usually take into account the intricacies and special requirements of each search engine.

<> Submit It!

<> Ultimate Promotion!

<> Add It!

<> Add Me!

<> AutoSubmit

<> World Wide Web Broadcaster

<> Multi-Submit

<> PostMaster

Niche search engines are targeted toward specific information categories. All site owners should make sure they are listed in search engines targeting their content. Here are a few below:

<> Gamblingseek

<> Humorseek

There are literally hundred's of niche search engines to submit your targeted sites. Find them all in the directories below:

<> Search Engine Watch

<> Beaucoup

<> The Ultimate Internet Search Index


Many site owners submit to search engines on a regular basis. If you are serious about web site promotion, try using one of these windows based submission programs. Most have demo versions available.

<> Submissionspider

Submission Spider will automatically register your website with over 950 of the Internet's most prominent search engines, Internet Directories, and Indexes. By instantly and frequently making sure your Web Site address is always visible across hundreds of search engines, you are unleashing the true power of automated promotions.

>>Cost: Standard Edition:USD $49.95 Professional Edition:USD $99.90

<> Exploit Submission Wizard

Unlike most other on-line packages, the Submission Wizard gathers all the data it requires before logging onto the net, then handles the whole submission process for you, relieving the requirement to press a button for every submission and allowing you to use your time more effectively.

>>Cost: 1 month = $35.00; 3 months = $55.00; 6 months = $90.00; 1 year = $145.00

<> Globalnet Promotion Spider

In addition to automatically submitting your site to over 1000 major (and growing daily...) search engines, directories, and links pages, the Globalnet Promotion Spider for Windows 95/98 will dynamically optimize your site or page, ensuring maximum visibility on the Internet.

<> Dynamic Submission 2000 Version 5

Up to 10 multiple Connections for super-fast submission processing. Unlimited URLs Auto Meta-Tag generator web page optimizer to improve your web ranking. Save and re-load failed engines for easy re-submission. View history of your submission reports. Easy top engines selection Export Engine list.

>>Cost: US $99.95