Managing Change & Resolving Conflict




Perceived incompatible differences resulting in

May be between




Result of control systems, feedback

May be change in inputs, processing or outputs

Environmental factors may cause change

Change may be needed for


Factors affecting conflict

Rôle play


Transactional Analysis

Parent, child, adult

We should act as adult to adult

Other relationships can cause conflict

People are sometimes happier with fixed roles


Personality types

Type A & B

Sanguine, moody etc

Myers-Briggs - INTJ etc

Belbin's Team Rôles - Coordinator etc


Inevitability & Advantages of Conflict

Is always present

Varying attitudes to it


Types of Conflict






Causes of Conflict

Limited resources


Goal differences

People have different goals - Maslow

Departments may set own goals -

not same as company goals - but

"we all work for same firm" - ie, should be compatible


Personality dynamics

Getting out of bed on the wrong side - people differ from day to day

Peer group pressure is strong

Different backgrounds, training etc


Dealing with Conflict

Before it happens

  1. being aware of all the factors above
  2. knowing your fellow workers and establishing rapport
  3. developing good communication skills
  4. developing team attitudes


When it happens


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