Advertising a Position

Ideal Situation



You have to decide whether or not to face these constraints and refer to them in the advertisement, or in the interview, or to hide any negative features - emphasise the positives? Will prospective applicants know about these features - will they hold it against you if you seem to be dishonest? Will you be in an embarrassing position if they later leave and take legal action? Will you miss out on qualified, suitable applicants if you do not mention the positives?


Criteria for Selection

The first criterion is more easily assessed than the latter two - but often, they are of far more importance - the best qualified may not fit in, may not be a team player. Someone less qualified may end up being more productive because she/he fits in better. 'Tis all a bit of a lottery, but being aware of these factors will increase your chances of success.


Sources of Supply



Required response rate

expect many for non-managerial

expect few for high managerial or specialist

prepare selection process with these in mind


Recruiting advertising needs to be planned as part of the overall advertising budget

Does not come cheaply

Reason why you need a check on previous performances in the media



  1. Summary of company
  2. Desirability of job?
  3. Summary of job description & specification
  4. Pay?
  5. Negative advertising - say the worst to get attention?
  6. Telephone number and address for further details of job
  7. Closing date


Graphic design -

Depending on source and location and level

Company name & logo - develop one if not already in use

Standardise advertisements so always recognised easily

Standardise letters, invoices, receipts for same reason

Size of print and font

Bigger the better - and the more expensive!

Vary according to nature of job


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