Writing Instructions

Whether you are writing Standard Operating Procedures [SOPs], instruction manuals, sheets, leaflets or posters, the principles are the same - and perhaps the most important one is to remember that your readers may not have the same level of literacy as you do.
the need is for managers to write clear, unambiguous instructions -

Relevant Principles of Communication

See Outline on Communication for more details


Collecting Information


Process Description


Instruction Sheets & Leaflets



Booklets & Manuals

As above, plus:



Before promulgation of instructions, you must desk check them carefully - errors could have legal implications for you as well as possible harm or inconvenience for your staff.

  1. Follow the instructions yourself
  2. Get someone else to follow the instructions
  3. Remember quality control - amend as necessary - do not promulgate if they contain errors just because
    • I've spent enough time on this already
    • It's near enough
    • It's not that important
    • We need them out now