Writing Broad Training Documents

Required Knowledge

Relevant Principles of Communication - see Outline 20

PIEMAN - Outline 18

These documents may be for use in-house, for outside study or for correspondence - the principles are the same.

Adult Learners

Assumptions of trainers and trainees



Job Analysis Revisited

Before starting to write any broad training documents for the workplace, you have to realise that they must be job related. Outline 13 looked at job descriptions and it would be well to revise now. Then you can look at the:


Even a sketchy flowchart will provide guidance as to the steps to be taken. It can be developed in more detail as you progress with the documentaion

Objectivity & Action Words

Remember that each step must be to achieve some measurable progress. Education is concerned with broadening the mid, but training teaches people how to do specific things. Job descriptions are phrased with active words - so should be your training objectives.





Format of Syllabus

Preparatory Sections






Documentation for Legislation and Accreditation

Some training documentation may have wider implications than just in-house training needs and you may want to acquire accreditation from a national or state body - it gives impetus and status to your training, and allows employees to gain recognition from other employers in the future. Each authority will have specific needs, but if you think you may be entering this arena, draft some ideas along the following lines: