The Thirty Spokes

Outline 1

Knowing What A Manager Does

Outline 2

Leading From In Front

Outline 3

Providing Motivation & Job Satisfaction

Outline 4

Allocating Work Roles & Developing Teamwork

Outline 5

Taking Advantage Of The Changing Work Environment

Outline 6

Getting Time To Do Anything

Outline 7

Solving Problems & Making Decisions

Outline 8

Using Plans

Outline 9

Controlling Performance & Productivity

Outline 10

Managing Change & Resolving Conflicts

Outline 11

Dealing With Stress

Outline 12

Teaching and Exerting Discipline

Outline 13

Recruiting Staff - Including Job Descriptions &Job Specifications

Outline 14

Advertising A Job

Outline 15

Selecting Staff for Interview

Outline 16

Interviewing Staff - New & Current

Outline 17

Writing [or Interpreting] Effective Application Letters and Résumés

Outline 18

Training Staff

Outline 19

Appraising Staff Fairly & Effectively

Outline 20

Communicating Effectively

Outline 21

Learning Enough Grammar & Punctuation For Survival

Outline 22

Learning To Write Effective Reports & Letters

Outline 23

Writing Management Guides For Each Position

Outline 24

Writing Instructions - SOPs, Sheets, Leaflets, Manuals

Outline 25

Writing Broad Training Documents

Outline 26

Preparing A Detailed Training Session

Outline 27

Writing Accident Reports

Outline 28

Conducting Successful Meetings

Outline 29

Giving An Effective Presentation

Outline 30

Organising Workshops, Seminars or Conferences

If you are interested in seeing any of these outlines...................... please talk to me! I intend to put each outline onto the Web as an extra page - as soon as I prepare it for publication - my order of priority will be sequential unless otherwise directed by your requests. Meantime, please contact me ....

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