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- or Survival?

I have been practising and teaching management for nearly forty years and I have decided to put my outline notes in the public domain: if anyone is interested and wants to see more than the bare bones, please feel free to get in touch by email.

There is no charge for these notes and no charge for any elaboration you may request -
everything is

Research shows that a company can employ thirty people of the highest calibre, but if they do not work as a team, they will not be as effective as thirty less able people who do work together harmoniously. However,people do not always work in recognised teams, nor are they always in the one department - but the act of being employed by the same company makes them part of a team. Spending, as we do, so much of our lives at work, we need job satisfaction and the accompanying feeling that we are achieving something worthwhile.

People are often promoted into managerial positions because of their previous expertise in some specialist area. They can spend years doing the specialist job and receiving training to make them better at it - but then find themselves promoted laterally into positions for which they have no prior knowledge. Their options are to learn as best they can, or to enrol in a course that will cost a deal of money, time and commitment.

Using my notes, you can get a deal of knowledge - for no money, though you will need to offer some time and commitment!



The philosophy behind the quotation on my home page is that these notes can help you to fill a central space: if you are in a managerial position, or likely to be promoted into one, then these notes will fill the gaps in your specialised area of knowledge and make you more useful to the company, and make you enjoy your rôle better.

It doesn't matter what level of management you are at, the information is general and will apply and be of assistance to all, from front line supervisors to top executives. Even if you have been in management for years, or if you have been lucky and received some management training, you can read selected notes and refresh your memory. Best practice implies that we all constantly revise what we are doing and try to improve on our previous performance.

There are 30 outlines for you to have a look at - continuing the analogy of the thirty spokes - and although they are grouped in subject areas, one of the advantages is that you can pick and choose whatever seems of interest or relevance: you are not constrained by somebody else's choice of syllabus. Please remember that these are outline notes - some amended for display on the Net, some in basic form as people have asked for them, and I haven't had time to make them more presentable! There is considerable overlap of topics and you are advised to have a brief look at them all - in workshops, I can say As you will all remember, we talked about xyz when we were discussing .... but on the Net, I have to rely on you to do some background reading.

If you want more detail, or if anything is not clear and you want some explanation, contact me. If anyone is interested, I also have case studies for perusal.

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